Kathisma is without exaggeration one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. The huge shore with white sand and the endless light blue waters create a magnificent landscape. Except from the unique and cosmopolitan vibe, here you will find everything you need to spend all day on the beach, such us sunbeds, umbrellas, restaurants, beach bars and water sport center.

Porto Katsiki

At the southern edge of Lefkada is the exotic and famous beach, Porto Katsiki. Arriving there, you are welcomed by 100 steps carved on the steep cliffs, that will lead you to an unreal landscape. A narrow strip of sand under the tall white rocks and water in turquoise shades offer a magnificent image.

Agios Nikitas

Once you arrive to Agios Nikitas, you will be fascinated by the traditional character of the settlement with the paved road that leads to the beach with the blue-green waters and the pebble coast. The small cove, surrounded by cliffs, offers magnificent views of the Ionian sea and its calm waters are popular in families with children. In addition, there are taverns, restaurants and cafes, to spend several hours on this fantastic beach. From Agios Nikitas, you can take the taxi boat or walk for about 20 minutes to Mylos beach. It is quite popular for the white sand, the waters that deepen sharply and the relaxing atmosphere.


Agiofylli is one of the island’s best, in a very picturesque cove on the east side of the bay Vassiliki. The beach is surrounded by rocks, that in combination with the white pebbles, which cover the cost and the crystal waters, compose an exotic setting that will enchant you. It is also ideal destination for snorkeling lovers as you will find that you will swim within walking distance of various species of fish.